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About Us

Welcome to Blue Crumb Truck, the official online Alien Sex Fiend merchandise store for anything and everything fiendish! From T-shirts, including Girls Wear, CDs, Vinyl LPs, Box Sets, Hoodies, Badges, Patches, Stickers and Tote Bags to Nik Fiend artwork, you will find them all - and more - here.

We are a totally independent company and we strive to provide excellent and personal customer service. 

Our Merchandise
All of our merchandise items have been approved by Alien Sex Fiend and in almost all cases have also been designed by the band themselves. Many of the items we sell are 100% exclusive to Blue Crumb Truck only so you won't find them anywhere else online!

We source all of our merchandise from UK based companies and all of our screen printing and embroidery is undertaken in the UK. Some screen printing is done by hand rather than a machine. Certain items such as CDs, Box Sets and Vinyl LPs are manufactured in the EU.

We use the Gildan brand for the majority of our T-shirts and for Hoodies, chosen for their sustainable manufacturing processes and their commitment to responsible practices. Our Zip Up Hoodies are from AWDis and are WRAP certified.

We source all packaging supplies from UK based companies and we use as much recycled or recyclable material as is possible for shipping purposes. Environmentally friendly, plain, uncoloured or unbleached cardboard boxes are usually used when required. We also avoid unnecessary plastic bagging for most T-shirts, Hats and Hoodies.

Our history
Established in the mid 1980s in London, the original Blue Crumb Truck began as a mail order service and took its name from the band Alien Sex Fiend's song "R.I.P. (Blue Crumb Truck)".
After re-locating to Cardiff, BCT continued to expand its product range and customer base. Following a move to Bridgend and becoming a limited company, 2004 saw the opening of the very first online Blue Crumb Truck store in the capable hands of Liz Howell. Subsequently, the store transferred to a completely new system in spring 2016, offering additional features to customers such as Loyalty Points and Wish Lists. In September 2022, a store-wide upgrade was implemented. The BCT store is now a fully responsive site with improved views, particularly for tablets and mobiles. It has a fresh look, better product images, a new quickview option and - with Liz still at the helm - will take Blue Crumb Truck onto the next stage in its evolution.  

If you have any questions relating to the store or suggestions about new merchandise items you would like to see added in future, please contact us via the methods below or you can use the form on the Contact Us page

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