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Collect Loyalty Points

You can collect Loyalty Points with every purchase (excluding Artwork). Here's how!

Create An Account - after Checkout - by adding a Password, and you will earn Loyalty Points on every item purchased from your very first order onwards.
These Loyalty Points can either be spent on your next purchase, or you can save them up over time and spend them later.

Loyalty Points are awarded to your Account when the order status is "Complete", i.e. when it has been shipped.

1 Loyalty Point is currently worth £0.02 (until further notice)

Log In to your Account when you place your next order and you will be able to see how many existing Loyalty Points you have at Checkout. During Checkout you will be asked if you want to spend your existing Loyalty Points and how many. You can spend all of your Points, or, spend some Points and save the remainder. Or, you can save them all up and spend them on a future order. It is your choice!

Please note these Terms And Conditions:

- Loyalty Points are awarded to your Account when an order status is "Complete", i.e. when it has been shipped.
- Loyalty Points are only awarded on the value of items purchased, any shipping costs are excluded.
- Artwork purchases are exempt and are not included in the Loyalty Points scheme.

- The value of a Loyalty Point may be changed at any time without notice.
- The Loyalty Points scheme may be changed, suspended or terminated at any time without notice. Changes may include, among other things, modifying the value of Loyalty Points, imposing additional restrictions, or terminating the Loyalty Points scheme, including any outstanding Loyalty Points.
- Blue Crumb Truck Ltd reserves the right to interpret the Loyalty Points scheme rules and policies at it's sole discretion and will be the final authority on Loyalty Points credits and qualifications.