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Welcome to Blue Crumb Truck, the official online Alien Sex Fiend online store for anything and everything fiendish!

There are a number of updates to the old store system and many new features, I hope that you will find them useful. The completely overhauled store heralds a new era for Blue Crumb Truck and I am looking forward to some exciting times ahead!

Here are some of the new features at the all-new Blue Crumb Truck store :

New! Collect Loyalty Points

You can now collect Loyalty Points with every purchase.

Create An Account - after Checkout - by adding a Password, and you will earn Loyalty Points on every item purchased from your very first order onwards. These Loyalty Points can either be spent on your next purchase, or you can save them up over time and spend them later.

When you place your next order, you will be able to see how many existing Loyalty Points you have at Checkout. During Checkout you will be asked if you want to spend your existing Loyalty Points. You can spend all of your Points, or spend some Points and save the remainder. Or, you can save them all up and spend them on a future order. It is your choice!

Please note : Loyalty Points are awarded on value of items purchased, any shipping costs are excluded.

Loyalty Points are awarded when an order status is "Complete", i.e. when it has been shipped.

New! Easy Newsletter Sign Up

Look at the bottom right of any page underneath "Newsletter" and you will see a white box.
Here is where you can Sign up (Subscribe) for news on special offers, new items and more!
Simply type in your email address and click on the red "Sign Up" box.
You will then receive an email to confirm your subscription.

Or, you can Sign up to the Newsletter during the Checkout process.

Or, you can email me <liz@bluecrumbtruck.com> with "Subscribe to Newsletter" in the Subject Header.

New! See Prices in £, Euro or $

Go to the Top Blue coloured Bar on any page, look at the top right of the page, next to "Log In" is a pull down menu with 3 options  :

Choose from
GBP for UK Pounds Sterling (UK £)
EUR for Euro (€)
USD for US Dollars (US $)

You will then see all store prices listed in your chosen currency.
During the Checkout, prices will temporarily revert to UK £, but during Payment you will be able to pay in £, € or US$

How to Leave a Product Review
Please go to the item you ordered.
Below the product image, and alongside the "Product Description" tab is a 2nd tab  "Product Review".
Click on the "Product Review" tab.
Click on "Write an online review".
The "Write Your Own Review" page will appear.
Follow the instructions on-screen.
At the end click on the "Add Review" box.
(If you omit something, the page will prompt you.)
Your email address will not be shown and you do not need to use full details in Your Name and Your Location, something like your first name or a nickname and a general location such as "UK" will be ok.
There will be a short delay before your Review appears online.

Account Holders from the old Blue Crumb Truck store

I was advised against transferring existing accounts from the old Blue Crumb Truck store to this new system for security reasons. If you are a previous customer from the old store,  you will need to make a purchase first, you cannot create an account until you have bought an item. Then at Checkout add your Name, Bill To Address (plus Ship To address if different) and your email address. After Checkout you will have the option to Create An Account, this simply involves the addition of a Password and clicking on the "Add additional information" button. Then you are all done and ready for next time! As always, if you have any questions please email me <liz@bluecrumbtruck.com>

Benefits Of Creating An Account

As before at the old store, you can
1) Save time inputting your name and address the next time you order.
2) Receive discounts on selected items in future.
Plus there are new features :
3) Collect Loyalty Points with every purchase from now on.
4) You can check the status of your current or past orders online.
5) You may leave a Review of the items you have purchased if you wish.

Note : There is an option to Create An Account when you have completed the Checkout process.
You must make a purchase first, you cannot Create An Account otherwise.

To View Your Orders or to Change Your Password

Note : You must Create An Account before you can use these functions.
Go to the Top Blue coloured Bar on any page, look at the top right of the page, you will see "Log In".
Click on "Log In".
Enter your Email Address and Password.
The Top Blue coloured Bar will change to show "Welcome - Logout - View Orders".
Click on "View Orders".
You will then see a list of your Previous Orders and below that is a link to Change Your Password.

Forgotten Password

Click on "Log In"  (Top blue bar, right hand side) and a "Customer Login" box will appear.
Click on "Forgotten Password" , the "Request Password" page will now appear.
Type in your email address.
Then click on "Request Password" button.
That's it your Password will be emailed to you.


If you would like to send me some feedback about the new store please email me at <liz@bluecrumbtruck.com> or use the Contact Us contact form.