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All International Regions including Europe
04 February 2023 : Postal Services Update:

Due to a recent cyber incident at the UK's Royal Mail, there are some delivery delays to all International destinations including Europe. Some tracking information might also be subject to delays.

You can see the latest Royal Mail update here 

Shipping Information

We ship world-wide! All non-UK orders are dispatched via Airmail.

Shipping charges will be added to your order automatically and will be shown when you proceed to "Checkout".
You will be able to see exactly how much you will be paying BEFORE you provide any credit card details or make any payment.

We try to keep our shipping rates as low as we possibly can and strive to charge you only what it actually costs us. We do not charge for handling or packing.

Packages are discreetly labelled with the name "Blue Crumb Truck" and our return address only.

Shipping Rates (Costs)

We try to keep our shipping rates as low as we possibly can and strive to charge you only what it actually costs us. We do not charge for handling or packing.

UK orders : There is one shipping rate of only £2-99 per order, so the more you order the cheaper it gets overall!

International Orders : Shipping rates are dependent on the total weight of your order, except for certain items such as Badges, Stickers and Patches which are classed as zero-weight so they will not cost you any extra charges (in addition to the minimum shipping rate).

In all cases, you will be able to see exactly how much you will be paying BEFORE you make any payment.

Here are some examples :

Europe, minimum shipping rate : £5-11
Example : A T-shirt will cost £5-35 for shipping

USA, minimum shipping rate : £7-80
Example : A T-shirt will cost £8-63 for shipping

Rest Of World, minimum shipping rate : £5-80
Example : A T-shirt will cost £6-63 for shipping

Note : Our international delivery charges currently exclude VAT, customs or duty charges, or handling fees for such duties.

EU Customers - Post Brexit - VAT and Custom Payments

As of 01 July 2021 (post-Brexit), customs authorities in the EU will be applying customs, excise and VAT procedures to all orders sent from the UK, this may cause some delays in some areas as new systems are implemented. (The previous "low value goods" threshold of 22€ was abolished on this date.)

The following information is to the best of our knowledge.

Our shipping is currently "Delivered Duty Unpaid", otherwise known as "Delivered At Place". Therefore, as of 01 July 2021, VAT, customs clearance charges and fees may be payable on orders/goods entering the EU destination country from the UK. Such charges and fees depend on the contents’ value and origin. Your parcel will not be released until payment has been received. You will be asked to pay these fees on or prior to delivery by your local postal service who will contact you. You, as the customer, are responsible for paying such fees.

- Order value up to 150€ (approx £131-00) will be taxed at the border (VAT) plus any handling fees.
- Order value over 150€ (approx £131-00) will be taxed at the border (VAT) plus any handling fees and may also incur Customs duties if the goods are made outside the UK/EU.

The shipping costs of your order will be included in the VAT calculations.
Note : Actual shipping costs may be slightly higher or lower than the shipping (delivery) cost paid at the time of ordering.

VAT varies from 17% to 27% in different EU countries, with the average at 20%, in Germany it is 19%.
Some countries have reduced VAT rates for Clothing (which we expect to include T-shirts, Hoodies, Hats, etc) such as Sweden (12%) and Netherlands (9%).

Certain countries such as Finland and - according to some reports, Germany and Italy - will waive the VAT charge if the VAT amount is for less than 5€ but this is at the discretion of the local courier / delivery service.

Handling fees vary from country to country and with different couriers. However, most Blue Crumb Truck orders are shipped via the UK's Royal Mail, orders are then transferred to the local post system, in such cases the following are the VAT % rate and handling fees charged, to the best of our knowledge :

EU Country - VAT % / handling fee

Austria - 20% / 10-00€
Belgium - 21% / 24-00€
Bulgaria - 20% / 2-30€
Croatia - 25% / 5-00€
Cyprus - 19% / 3-50€
Czech Republic - 21% / 8-00€ (from customer report)
Denmark - 25% / 22-00€
Estonia - 20% / 1-50€
Finland - 24% / 2-90€ plus VAT (from customer report)
France - 20% / 12-00€
Germany - 19% / 6-00€
Greece - 24% / TBA
Hungary - 27% / 31-20€
Ireland - 23% / 10-00€
Italy - 22% / 7-50€
Latvia - 21% / 20-00€
Lithuania - 21% / 8-69€
Luxembourg - 17% / 15-00€
Malta - 18% / 7-00€
Netherlands - 21% / 13-00€
Poland - 23% / TBA
Portugal - 23% / 12-00€
Romania - 19% / 4-12€
Slovakia - 20% / TBA
Slovenia - 22% / TBA
Spain - 21% / 5-88€
Sweden - 25% / 7-00€

TBA means "to be advised" i.e. currently unknown

Please also refer to the section International Customers below for more information about payment of such charges.

We are monitoring the post-Brexit situation and would appreciate hearing from you if you have experienced any issues with delivery.

If you would like advice prior to ordering, please email or use the Contact Us form, we will do our best to assist you.

International Customers - VAT and Customs Payments

Our international delivery charges currently exclude customs or duty charges, that is "Delivered Duty Unpaid", otherwise known as "Delivered At Place". As of 1 January 2021 (post-Brexit), customs authorities in the EU will also be applying customs, excise and VAT procedures to goods from the UK. Your order may be subject to such charges according to local legislation, and must be paid by you prior to or on delivery. Any such charges are your sole responsibility. If you are concerned about paying VAT, other taxes or customs duty on your order, then please check the duty thresholds of your country first before ordering.

If you do not pay the VAT or customs and duties charges applicable to release the parcel to yourself and the goods are returned to us as a result, we will be unable to issue a refund on the goods. 

Delivery Times - also see FAQ page about Deliveries and Coronavirus

Most orders are shipped within 2 working days of receipt.
You will receive an email to confirm that your order has been shipped.

Normal delivery times are approximately -
UK : 2 to 3 days
Europe : about 7 days
Rest Of World : usually 7 to 10 days

Exceptions :
Australia, New Zealand, South America : allow up to 14 days
Russia : allow up to 28 days.

The above delivery times are an estimate only, your order may be delayed due to circumstances beyond our control, such as at busy times or public holidays or due to customs clearance. Therefore please allow at least 28 days for delivery, particularly if you are outside the UK.

If you have not received your order after 28 days then please email with your Name and your online Order Number.

Germany - Verpackungsgesetz (LUCID Packaging Register)

In 2019 Germany’s Packaging Act VerpackG came into effect, imposing requirements on online retailers selling to buyers in Germany. The Packaging Act promotes recycling and reuse of packaging materials (e.g. cardboard boxes, tape, and bubble wrap).

Blue Crumb Truck is registered at the Packaging Register of the Stiftung Zentrale Stelle Verpackungsregister (Foundation Central Agency Packaging Register – ZSVR) with registration number DE3684391988305. Our Dual System Licensing partner for the collection, sorting and recycling of the packaging is Lizenzero by Interseroh.

As the consumer please ensure that all received packaging is separated, reused and/or disposed of in the correct recycling containers.

Nik Fiend Artwork

When purchasing Nik Fiend artwork, please allow at least 7 to 10 working days for processing.
All artwork is shipped via a "Signed For" service. You will receive a Shipping Confirmation email with a Tracking Number when your order has been shipped.