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Size Guide

Standard (Men's) T-shirt Sizes (Chest Measurement)
Small 34-36 ins (85-90 cm)
Medium 38-40 ins (95-100 cm)
Large 42-44 ins (105-110 cm)
Extra Large 46-48 ins (115-120 cm)
Extra Extra Large (XXL) 50-52 ins (125-130 cm)

NEW SIZE! Extra Extra Extra Large (3XL) 54-56 ins (135-140 cm)
All T-shirts are Gildan Heavy Cotton.

Hoodie Sweatshirt Sizes
Same as above, except no 3XL available at this time.
All Hoodies are Gildan Heavy Blend.

Long Sleeve T-shirt Sizes (Chest Measurement)
Small 36-38 ins (90-95 cm)
Medium 40-42 ins (100-105 cm)
Large 44-46 ins (110-115 cm)
Extra Large 48-50 ins (120-125 cm)
Extra Extra Large 52-54 ins (130-135 cm)
(Sorry no 3XL size is available at this time.)

Note : Sizing is slightly larger than the standard Men's short sleeve T-shirts.
All Long Sleeve T-shirts are Gildan Ultra Cotton.

Girl's Wear Sizes - Overview
Please double check your personal size measurements and order according to the cm or inches sizing.

Girl's Skinnifit T-shirt Sizes (Bust / Chest Measurement)
Small 32-34 ins (81-87 cm) 8/10 (UK size) 4/6 (US size)
Medium 34-36 ins (87-91 cm) 10/12 (UK size) 6/8 (US size)
Large 36-38 ins (91-96 cm) 12/14 (UK size) 8/10 (US size)

NEW SIZE! Extra Large - 38 to 40 ins (96 to 100 cm) 14/16 (UK size) 12/14 (US size)
Above sizing applies to both the 100% cotton and the 96% Cotton, 4% Elastane versions.

Caps and Beanie Hats
One size fits all.